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Sam Kusnetz

Sam Kusnetz, Sound Designer designs sound and composes music for theater. He has done so Off-Broadway at the Jean Cocteau Repertory with Small Craft Warnings and Arms And The Man, and regionally at Portland Center Stage with Frost/Nixon, Mike's Incredible Indian Adventure, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which won a Drammy Award for Outstanding Sound Design. He has also toured nationally and internationally with acclaimed physical theater companies Do Jump! and Imago Theater, and is the co-creator of the Anonymous Theatre Company.


SIX QUESTIONS for Sam Kusnetz

HOMETOWN: New York City


IF I WERE A SEA CREATURE Emperor penguin, all the way. What a noble, fascinating, beautiful animal.

FIRST DESIGN GIG: When I was fifteen, I got a gig operating lights and sound for an off-off-broadway
premiere of a farce called Bad Gas.  It was a twelve channel manual lighting board and three tape decks for the sound. One cue required both hands and a knee to execute.

MOST EMBARRASSING TECH MOMENT:  I guess the typical "most embarrassing" story is funny, but mine is definitely not. While working on the run crew of a show at college, I brushed against an improperly hung lighting fixture on a catwalk over the audience. The light fell about twenty five feet and struck the playwright on the back of the head. I was so scared of what had happened I froze in place and someone had to come up and get me down.

FAVORITE NYC SUMMER ACTIVITY (BESIDES FRINGENYC): Stereotypical as it might seem, I think you can't really beat a nice afternoon in Central Park.