The Dreamscape Theatre relies on the generous support of donors like you to make our work possible.

Learn more about how we put your donations to work on our 2015 Holiday Wishlist and check out the ways we'll say "thank you" in 2016!

Make your donation before January 1st to support our 2016 season (and earn a tax-deduction for 2015).

Now through December 1st only:

All donors of $250 or more will receive a pack of ten holiday cards (plus envelopes) designed exclusively for Dreamscape by artist
Simon Winheld to commemorate the Christmas Truce of 1914.

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Previous Season Sponsors:
The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, 
Robert Ferrari & Acorn Financial Services,
Solitude Corporation, Michael & Jennifer Lotito, 
Miggie Warms,  Patricia G. Raimondo, 

Alexandra Spyridaki & Dimitris Anastassiou, 
The Puffin Foundation,
The Frank & Eva Buck Foundation
Join the more than 140 Donors whose generosity
helped make our previous Season Possible:
Jennifer Barnette,
Gary Battaglia & Deborah Bello,
Jacquelyn Chapman & George Gregory,
Jack & Noreen Grover,
Kacie Hultgren
NY Waterway
Lisa Waters

Jim Anderson, Anthony Alberts, Tamela Aldridge, Beverly Baroff,
Rosemary Battaglia & Agnes Duff, Hank Becker, Ilan Ben-Yehuda, Kurt Bilanoski, Trey Blackburn, Wilburn Bonnell, Laura Lee Bonz, Ralph Brande, Dexter & Laura Brigham, David Brown,
Lindsey Buller-Maliekel, Tim Butterfield, Shu-Yun Cheng, Carla Ching, Damon Chua, Carol Cohen, Charles Cohen, Katie Corle,
Michael & John Cormier-Burke, Brittany Cowgill,
Frank & Andrea D’Agostino, Adam David, Millicent DeSantis,
James Dilda, Elizabeth Donnelly, Maura & Brian Duffy, Anna Ebbesen, Tracy Farber, Jeffrey Feifer, Michael Feldman, Joe Ferreira,
Ryan Feyk, Alex Fung, Alexandra Gellner, Keli Goff, Jeff Gonzalez, Judy Griffin, David & Tammy Grover, Kevin & Stephanie Grover, Charles Gruen, Joanne Haas, Lori Halpenny, Kevaughn Harvey,
Art & Sherry Hoffman, Stasia Honnold, David Horn, Kacie Hultgren,
Elizabeth Irwin, Erica Itzkowitz, Sarah Izzo, Joseph Jelincic,
Zach & Lauren Jost, Claire Kiechel, Valorie Kissel,
Alan & Nancy Kulick, Daniel Lachman, Kym & Matt Lavigne-Hinkley,
Alan & Marilyn Levy, India Long, Jennifer Loterbauer, Robert Luchow,
Caitlin McBride, Joe & Dorothy McCarthy, Katy McGlaughlin,
Jennifer McGrath, John McKenna, Alan McNaney, Anne Medlock,
H.C. & Emily Milford, Tina Milford, Jack Moore, Travis Clarke Morris,
Scott Munson, Bob & Sue Murphy, Katie Myers, Brendan O'Brien, Jiehae Park, Luisa Parnes, Arthur Pastore, Amy Lee Pearsall,
Alice Pencavel, Cesar Perez Sr, Crystal Perez Gonzalez,
Christine Perrotta, Thomas Preece, Ana Ramos, Jacey Raimondo, Charlie & Carol Reid, Mike Revenaugh, Elizabeth Romanski,
Abigail Russell, Alexis Schuster, Elise Schuster,
Victor Schuster & Sandy Masur, Ari Segal, Myles Share & Associates,
Jared Silver, Tom & Ann Skelley, Kevin Snipes, Rosie Sowa,
Jason Stanley, Shannon Stowe, Jessica Taylor, Michael Taylor,
Angie Tennant, Emily Thurston, Nate Treadwell, Brianna Tyson, Bianca Ursillo, Mike & Eve Villano, Morgan von Ancken,
Jessica Wanamaker, Beverly Willett, Caitlin Wolf, Amanda Ytzen, Edith Zeigler, Morgan Zipf-Meister, Anne Zuerner
To donate by mail, send your check to:
The Dreamscape Theatre, 330 East 18th Street, New York, NY 10003

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